KCA Student Chapter (Washburn University)


The mission of the KCA Student Chapter is to support the common goals of improving the corrections profession, promoting increased knowledge of the adult and juvenile corrections system, and providing a means of communication among persons interested in corrections.


  • Diversity– Promote and encourage diversity in the leadership, staff, membership and activities of the American Correctional Association.
  • Research and EducationDevelop evidence-based standards through research, education, and training in Corrections.
  • Public Perception of Corrections Serve as a voice for Corrections. Promote sound public policy and enhance positive public perception of the Corrections field. Promote the American Correctional Association’s policies, position statements, standards and resolutions.
  • Ethics– Promote ethics within the Corrections profession. Demonstrate in all endeavors socially responsible, humane correctional policies and practices. Promote awareness of and adherence to the Code of Ethics of the American Correctional Association.

Faculty Advisor:

Patricia Dahl, Assistant Professor (785-670-1413)

Student Chapter President:

Joshua Ferris

Student Chapter Vice President:

Emma Staats

Student Chapter Treasurer:

Rachael Steimle

Student Chapter Secretary:


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